Eleventy Billion Miles Away
A new golden record.


In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager spacecraft, hurtling a number of artifacts reflecting the human experience into the farthest reaches of space like a bottle flung into the cosmic ocean. Among the artifacts, a golden record calls out to any sentient being, telling the story of mankind. Eleventy Billion Miles Away calls out as well, questioning meaning and purpose in a random universe.


"With stunning art and slick designs, this attractively packaged multimedia item is a happy event indeed.”

- Tony Lee, Pigasus Press



About This Book

A beautifully illustrated book of lyric and verse, Eleventy Billion Miles Away is packaged with a full-length CD soundtrack of macabre music that explores humankind’s quest for a place in the universe. This collaboration of artists and musicians is available in a limited edition of 100. 

Only 18 of 100 books remaining in this limited edition.

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Bill Jordan
Scott Lambridis
Lawrence Desilets
Jason Schurtz
Dave Senecal
Tyler Landry
Angie Needels
Chris Seifert
Duane Lundy
Mike Newman
Richard Stadler



Wayne Chinsang at Tastes Like Chicken says: “… Look! What’s that?!? It’s an aesthetically beautiful art book with an accompanying soundtrack! No, wait! It’s actually a full-length CD from modern pop gods Blackcat Revival with a really well thought out and wonderfully executed lyric book! No, wait! It’s all of those things and more!”

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Tony Lee at Pigasus Press says: “The tracks deliver catchy melodies, discordant riffs, flavoursome arrangements, and imaginative lyrical content (with a rich vein of humour), unrestrained by the message-in-a-bottle intent of this quasi-concept album… With stunning art and slick designs… this attractively packaged multimedia item is a happy event indeed…”

Read the full review at Pigasus Press.

Karen Noonan at I-See-Sound says: “…part shady carnival, part Star Trek voyage, and wholly engrossing… serves up Grand Guignol goth without gore as well as intelligence (without being pointy-headed about it)… The graphics in the book are vibrant and amazing… You’ll become immersed in BCR’s futuristic sonic journey… The disc makes you think, but please, do not over analyze this work. Like a roller coaster ride, just sit back, strap yourself in, and enjoy the trip.”

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Tyler Landry at 100 Drawings says: “The book looks FANTASTIC! It feels fantastic too. It’s nothing short of sheer brilliance…all that music…all that art! It is THE complete package. I really got tons of fantastic imagery out of the songs. They’re so colorful and laden with great turns of phrase, and meaty chunks of auditory gasms. This has been my favorite job so far in my career.”

Chris Siefert at Wavetrap says: “This is the album I was hoping to hear… melodic enough that I sing along but chaotic enough that I’m not bored after the 3rd listen through. This album captures the brief period of time when a band has morphed into more than the sum of its parts… the end result is a more collective goal, a more cohesive vision. The songs get priority over the playing and the end result is that it melds melody and frenzy but never overdoes either.”

Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions says: “Blackcat Revival has come across a way to mix dark subject matter and textures in the framework of progressive rock and roll. Well thought out lyrics and musical arrangements… willing to experiment texturally… a wonderfully cohesive album.”

Dr. Otis Baltrics in Columbus OH says: “Harnessing the theatrical power of a David Lynch soundtrack, the raw eclectic whim of Tom Waits, the dark force of Black Sabbath, the agressive fury of Primus, the catchiness of Ween, and the quirkiness of Frank Zappa, Blackcat Revival defines itself on an uncharted path.”

Sean Griffin in Monroe MI says: “I heard of Blackcat Revival through a friend and have been addicted ever since. and I will do everything in my power to make sure everybody knows the name Blackcat Revival.”

Daniel Whitakker in Lexington KY says: “Great job guys! It’s like Christmas in April…hopefully the extraterrestrials will enjoy it as well!”

Josh Cooper in Lexington KY says: “I got (very excited while) watching the preview, not sure if it was cause of all the sexiness or knowing the wait will finally be over soon enough. THANK YOU LORD.”

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