10/17/2012 - 9:34pm
Welcome to the new Omnibucket!

Omnibucket was founded six years ago because publishing needed to be reinvented –beginning with the product. Today we’re reinventing ourselves.

The new Omnibucket is much like the old – only more so. We’re stepping up our productions schedule – not just because we’ll get to publish more books, but because it means more chances to experiment. More chances to step on the drummer less beaten. More chances to take chances.

You’re going to see us do things we’ve never done before. New content every weekday: a moving short story, a challenging essay, a provocative review. We’re going to be playing more with sound and video; we’re taking advantage of tablet technology to create entirely new ways to present books and stories; we’re going to produce eBooks, fast and furious, expanding the kind of content we do.

You’re also going to see us take our own goddamn time on exquisite, carefully produced, hard and soft cover books, getting every detail right: cutting words like diamonds until they slice the paper we print them on. Just like we used to.

So look around, and come back: there will be something new tomorrow.