Playbill for 3/14/13

This is the playbill for Action Fiction's one-year anniversary on Thurs, March 14, 2013.


"The False Knight Upon the Road”

written by Benjamin Wachs, performed by Sara Renauer, Jimmey Cross, and Benjamin Wachs

Benjamin Wachs is the publisher of and the editor of "The Book of The Is," by Chicken John Rinaldi.  He has written for, SF Weekly, Gannett, and writes a weekly column for Gatehouse Media.  You can find his writing at

Sara Renauer...

Jimmey Cross...



“Owl Tree”

written by Ian Tuttle, performed by Gillian Eichenberger and Robert Thomas

Ian Tuttle is a photographer and writer living in San Francisco. His book StretchyHead was published in 2011 by PAC Books. It is really really really good. He has also been published in Sparkle & Blink, Full of Crow, and Internet Poetry. His photographs have been exhibited and collected internationally. He is a mere month from finishing his MBA at Babson College. 

Robert Thomas, when not bringing short fiction to life at Action Fiction, dons his secret identity as One Of Those Dot-Com Assholes Who Is Ruining San Francisco.  A resident for just long enough to feel possessive of the City, yet trapped in a gilded cage of rent control, he lives in the Sunset with his girlfriend, their two cats and two parrots. 

Gillian Eichenberger...



“The Goldfish’s Memory”

written by Katrin Arefy, performed by Jen Terry

Katrin Arefy was born in Tehran. She received graduate degrees in Art and then in Piano Pedagogy from Moscow Gnessin University, only to end up expressing herself in words. While pursuing her music career as a teacher, author and artistic director, she has devoted all her free time to her passion for literature.

Jen Terry... 



15-min Cake Break! 



“Argentina Love”

written by Zarina Zabrisky, performed by Meghan Rutigliano and Dana Jakobson

Zarina Zabrisky is the author of IRON, a short story collection, and a novel We, Monsters forthcoming in 2013. Her work appeared in literary magazines and anthologies the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Nepal. She is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee. You can read some of her published stories and poems at

Meghan "Megs" Rutigliano is a story-teller, character actress, singer, and art community organizer. She's been with Action Fiction since the first reading. Megs loves bringing stories to life through song and spoken word. Megs is the "Meg" in MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret, a 9-piece big band jazz and cabaret ensemble with frequent sexy, feathery, and 1920s inspired shows in the Bay Area. To catch their next gig, visit

Dana Jakobson is a lover of all things beautiful. An artist by trade and a dancer at heart, she seeks out opportunities for expression. When stars align, chances come on their own. Over two years ago, Dana discovered the joy and terror of improv theater and has participated in a number of improv shows. Dana's participation in Action Fiction is a moment of delicious serendipity and feels like just the beginning.




written by Shruti Swamy, performed by Anthony Villafuete

Shruti Swamy lives and writes in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Her work has been published or is forthcoming from Black Warrior Review, New American Writing, The Kartika Review, and Crate Magazine. In 2012, she completed her M.F.A in fiction at San Francisco State, and is currently Vassar College’s 50th W.K. Rose fellow, and at work on a collection of new stories. Read more at

Anthony Villafuete...




written by Julia Halprin Jackson, performed by Gray

Julia Halprin Jackson writes stories. She's a 2012 graduate of UC Davis’ M.A. in Creative Writing program, where she wrote 100 one-hundred-word stories and began a novel-in-progress, Foreigner. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry has appeared in anthologies by SMITH Mag, Flatmancrooked, Beyond Words Publishing, Scribes Valley Publishing, and the American Diabetes Association, and journals such as California Northern, Fourteen Hills, Sacramento News & Review, Fictionade, OccuPoetry, sPARKLE & bLINK, Catalyst and Spectrum. Julia has taught Spanish to British children in Spain, soccer to international students, and fiction writing to undergraduates. Read more at

Gray does both on-stage and off-stage improv performances with central themes of identity, vulnerability, transparency… and believes in creative enlightenment through first-hand trial-and-error. She performs regularly  with Mortified! San Francisco, Berkeley and New York, with other appearances at Foundry Nights in Berkeley, Action Fiction! in SF. She also appeared in “Joy of Lex,” a documentary on language for The Discovery Channel. Read more at