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The Action Fiction! community is growing, and we wanted to make some of our favorite participants feel extra special. So we've created an elite club of "Action Fiction! Regulars." Of the many fantastic writers and performers we've had, we've selected the following as our first set. We'll be adding more in the future. 

Our criteria?
You are fabulous.
You're enthusiastic.
You've consistently shown up to support us.
We can see you helping us continue to grow this community.

Without further adieu, here they are: 




W. Ross Ayers

W. Ross is a writer and entrepreneur. He founded and runs the San Fransisco Writers Community. He writes literature and designs books. His latest novel “Blood, Guns and Whores – An All American Tale of a Boy and His Dog“ is a coffee table novel made of micro chapters and illustrations about a boy growing up in the small farming community of Blissfield, Michigan and on to adulthood in San Francisco. It is filled with edgy stories and equally gripping illustrations, art and layouts. This is not your typical novel. This is an object of art. Go here to read and/or download the chapters for free: bloodgunsandwhores.com



Ben Black

Ben Black's work has appeared in Harpur Palate, New American Writing, The Los Angeles Review, and Smokelong Quarterly. He recently completed his MFA at San Francisco State University, where he also teaches. His stories have been finalists for the Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest and the Calvino Award. Find out more at benpblack.com.





Gabriel Bellman 

Gabriel Leif Bellman graduated from USC's Cinema School before going to work at MTV in New York. As a television Producer, Mr. Bellman helped start the 'True Life' series at MTV.  He received his M.A. from New York University, and his J.D. from U.C. Hastings.  Gabriel has directed several successful documentary films, and is the co-founder of the Frozen Film Festival. He was a featured speaker at the International Film Festival Summit in Las Vegas on the "Future of New Media and Narratives."  He has written two feature operas, performed at Juilliard and by NYC Opera, and has performed slam poetry around the U.S., notably hosting the Blah-Blah in Brooklyn.  He has performed in LitQuake Festival, and had plays in Theater Pub.  Gabriel practices law in San Francisco, where he is a certified mediator.  He has been known to enjoy the surfing and the skateboarding. Read more at zennyrun.com.



Scott Lambridis

Scott Lambridis is co-founder of Omnibucket.com, with a BA in neurobiology and an MFA from SF State. His debut novel - a scientist discovers the end of time - received the 2012 Dana Award, and is seeking publication. Stories of his have appeared in New American Writing, the Newer York, Storyglossia, and other journals. While at SF State he received the Miriam Ylvisaker Fellowship and three literary awards. Email him at scott@omnibucket.com.




Eric Myers

Eric Myers writes and teaches, splitting his time between San Francisco and Columbus, OH, before a full time return to the Bay later this year. In one previous life, he founded MadLab, an award-winning experimental theatre company, where he wrote and produced three full-length and a dozen one-act plays. In another, he co-founded and produced Burning Man Information Radio for over a decade. A self-described "playwright  in remission," he recently completed a 170 page play that he is now adapting for the screen.


Cary Tennis

Bio forthcoming...



Benjamin Wachs

Benjamin Wachs grew up wanting to be a Russian novelist, but the closest he's come was being personally insulted by the first democratically elected president of Poland.  A partner at Omnibucket, Benjamin is the publisher of Fiction365.com and the editor of "The Book of The Is," by Chicken John Rinaldi.  He has written for Playboy.com, SF Weekly, Gannett, and writes a weekly column for Gatehouse Media.  You can find his writing at TheWachsGallery.com.





Olga Zilberbourg

Olga Zilberbourg was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to the United States at the age of seventeen. Her first two books of fiction were published in St. Petersburg, where her parents still reside. Where Does the Sea Flow, a short film based on one of Olga's stories, recently was a finalist at the Manhattan Short Film Festival. Olga's English-language writing has appeared in Narrative Magazine, Santa Monica Review, J Journal, Eleven Eleven Journal, Mad Hatters' Review, Prick of the Spindle, HTMLGiant, and other print and online publications. Olga is a senior associate editor at Narrative Magazine. You can find links to her stories on her website, www.zilberbourg.com.








Jimmey Cross

Bio forthcoming...



Gray does both on-stage and off-stage improv performances with central themes of identity, vulnerability, transparency… and believes in creative enlightenment through first-hand trial-and-error. She performs regularly  with Mortified! San Francisco, Berkeley and New York, with other appearances at Foundry Nights in Berkeley, Action Fiction! in SF. She also appeared in “Joy of Lex,” a documentary on language for The Discovery Channel. Read more at grayperforms.com.



Sara Judge

Bio forthcoming...


Meghan Rutigliano

Meghan "Megs" Rutigliano is a story-teller, character actress, singer, and art community organizer. She's been with Action Fiction since the first reading. Megs loves bringing stories to life through song and spoken word. Megs is the "Meg" in MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret, a 9-piece big band jazz and cabaret ensemble with frequent sexy, feathery, and 1920s inspired shows in the Bay Area. To catch their next gig, visit http://www.facebook.com/megaflame.


Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas, when not bringing short fiction to life at Action Fiction, dons his secret identity as One Of Those Dot-Com Assholes Who Is Ruining San Francisco.  A resident for just long enough to feel possessive of the City, yet trapped in a gilded cage of rent control, he lives in the Sunset with his girlfriend, their two cats and two parrots.


Anthony Villafuerte

Bio forthcoming...