We believe in fantastic literary experiences.

Anything else is just killing time.

Some people call us an indie publishing company. Maybe that's because we love the things we can hold in our hands. We love the artifact. We love figuring out the future of literary publishing and storytelling.

We experiment. We hand craft sentences out of words fermented in oak barrels to give them the potency of a first kiss, and wrap them into Celtic knots and Viking runes that symbolize love and death. We pair them with pictures carved out of the collective unconscious and music crafted in crystal.

We entice emerging talent to slip into the drawing room with us and drink the brandy of some of most vibrant creative communities in the world.

We hold stories you will never forget in our hands. 

We never repeat ourselves.


Omnibucket began in the summer of 2005 when Scott Lambridis abandoned his degree in Neurobiology.

Determined to pursue his obsession with brains from the halls of science into creative media, Scott was working as a multimedia designer when he met Dave Senecal.

Dave was the artist Scott always wished he could be.

Dave likes exploring the relationship between humans and what they invent, using art to examine and document our progress as a species. He also likes brains. That is to say, he likes the idea of zombies eating them. Dave makes impeccably realistic zombie paintings when he’s not showing more abstract and figurative work.

Dave and Scott figured they weren't the only ones who thought that art galleries and children shouldn't get all the pretty pictures, and they knew there were others who believed that even the simplest of stories should be told with style.

This initial partnership expanded into a large collection of geeks with flavor, slick but soulful creatives – writers, artists, designers and musicians – who believe in taking the time to tell stories right. For seven years Omnibucket has earned a reputation for creating art that can’t be classified.

Benjamin Wachs, who abandoned a degree in Linguistics, joined as a partner in 2012 despite his absurd belief that "minds" are distinct from "brains." Benjamin edited “The Book of the Is” and founded Fiction365.com, which convinced Scott that they should eat his brain and absorb his power. Don't tell him.


So what's an Omnibucket?

We do things that aren’t easily categorized because things that aren’t easily categorized are more interesting and thought-provoking. Not just philosophically, but physically. Our brains have no choice but to pay attention to this new stimuli, trying to figure out how to process it. The trick is to create something so complicated that also maintains the feeling of thoughtless inspiration found in the simple and sublime.

Now let's get metaphysical. A bucket is a temporary space for the transition of a material from one state to another, usually from its source to its permanent residence. In a way, everything that exists can be seen as a bucket for the transformation of a substance along its journey; atoms carry particles from one energy state to another, bodies carry organs from birth to death, minds carry ideas in constant transformation, and the earth carries life from its start to its end. Even the solar system carries stars and planets across the universe. The most common and caricatured way of separating things is to put them into different buckets. It is a basic part of our nature and is unchangeable. We have a bucket for music and a bucket for poetry and a bucket for sci-fi and a bucket for horror, a bucket for red and a bucket for green, etc. What if you made the buckets bigger though? Instead of a bucket for music and a bucket for poetry, you had a larger bucket for both? Now you have a “song” bucket, made of the contents of two smaller buckets. If you keep combining smaller buckets into larger ones you get new interesting combinations that create new genres and media, new ideas, onwards and upwords until the last, largest bucket is simply ‘unity’. If you take this line of thought to its natural conclusion you reach that which is a container for everything, as everything is in transition. The balance and co-existence of everything. The world. You. I. And all the truth therein. We like to call that the Omnibucket, and it’s what we’re striving to create in the smallest detail. 


Contact & Submissions

Got a question? Want to get involved with Action Fiction!? Have an idea for a collaboration? Want to help spread the word, distribute our delicious products, give us money to expand, or tell us we're awesome or ridiculous?

Email Scott at scott at omnibucket.com


Omnibucket benefits from the collaborations among the following persons: 

Scott Lambridis
Benjamin Wachs
Dave Senecal
Angie Needels
Tyler Landry
Rebecca Brock
Peggy Mintun
Iaian Greenson
Jessica Izaguirre

and many, many more contributors, and we thank you all.