God's Acre, The Ravens & the Rhyme
Stories within stories; human lives.


Where is the line between the unreal and the real? 

God’s Acre cemetery provides the setting for the unsettling journey of the Kruk children as they search for the truth about their past. Each book features the Kruk children as well as a story-within-the-story about a deceased resident of the cemetery. The intertwining storylines are illustrated by separate artists, evoking a shift in perspective and reinforcing the intrigue as the role of God’s Acre cemetery in the town’s - and the Kruk’s - history comes to light.

In this first book, young Norman Kruk, his spirit strained by his grandmother’s strict oversight, is led to God’s Acre cemetery by his imaginative and adventuresome sister Isabel. As Norman watches over Isabel, the gravedigger spins the yarn of the late Norman Criddle, whose remains reside in the cemetery. In life, Criddle was a lonely man with an intense and ultimately chilling love for ravens. 

"Exceedingly well-designed – each page is crafted with such care and skill that it’s flat-out impressive."

 - Rod Lott, Bookgasm



About This Book

God’s Acre is a twelve-part series of artfully designed macabre modern fairytales. These stories explore the blurry line between reality and fantasy, in a manner that appeals to both adults and children ages 10 and up. Book One: The Ravens & the Rhyme, a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered books.

68 of 300 books remaining in this limited edition.

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Angie Needels (artist, sculptor, photographer, concept)
Dave Senecal (artist)
Scott Lambridis (writer, designer, concept)
Chris Seifert (sound designer)
Amanda Lawhon (editor)
Dara Naraghi (concept)
Cyril Helnwein (guest photographer)



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“…this fractured fairy tale plays out like a fever dream animated by Rankin-Bass, an episode of DAVEY & GOLIATH guest-directed by Satan, or a Little Golden Book if it were controlled by THE SANDMAN cover artist Dave McKean…exceedingly well-designed – each page is crafted with such care and skill that it’s flat-out impressive.” - Rod Lott, Bookgasm

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