11/01/2012 - 1:27am
Preview of art for Life of the Gallows!

Jester Stage (by Tyler Landry)

If you haven't seen Omnibucket's first iPad book "The Ravens & the Rhyme," take a look in our store and download the free App.  It's amazing.

Our next iPad book will be a very different story - but once again we're going all out.  "Life of the Gallows," by Scott Lambridis, is the story of a court jester whose king decides to promote him to executioner.  

He's so successful that the king begins importing prisoners to fill the popular demand for more executions.  Naturally this is hard on a man who just wanted to make people laugh ... 

Production's still a ways off, but the story is ready to go and artist Tyler Landry is finding the style that makes it come alive.  

Take a look at some recent samples:  you'll want to come back for more.  

Image by Tyler Landry


Image by Tyler Landry


Image by Tyler Landry