Ravens & the Ryhme on iPad
A storybook with a soundtrack.


A richly illustrated storybook with a composed soundtrack that unfolds as you read! God's Acre, book one, The Ravens & the Rhyme was originally released in 2006 as a 96-page illustrated storybook for adults, in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered books. It received wonderful reviews. Now it's back with high-resolution illustrations, and an original soundtrack that matches your reading speed. And we just couldn’t resist including some interaction surprises as well.

"This fractured fairy tale plays out like a Little Golden Book under the creative control of Sandman cover artist Dave McKean."

- Rod Lott, Bookgasm


Explore the world of God's Acre - a children's book that's not quite for children - in the way it was always meant to be.


About This Book

"The best animation is true to life but not realistic: true to life in that it's believable and takes from life those elements that you need to tell a story, but only those elements." -Oscar-winning Pixar director Jan Pinkava

Where’s the line between the unreal and the real? God’s Acre is a twelve-part series of artfully designed macabre modern fairytales. These stories explore the blurry line between reality and fantasy, appealing to adults and children ages 10 and up. God’s Acre cemetery is the setting for the unsettling journey of the Kruk children as they explore their past.

In this first book, imaginative and adventuresome Isabel leads her older brother Norman to God’s Acre cemetery. As Norman watches over Isabel, the gravedigger spins the yarn of the late Norman Criddle. In life, Criddle was a lonely man with an intense and ultimately chilling love for ravens.
It is neither a graphic novel nor an art-book. The strange and fragmented world is reminiscent of a reality that might be seen through the eyes of a child. The intertwining storylines are illustrated by separate artists, evoking a shift in perspective, and watching the stories twist and turn around each other adds an intrigue as the role of God’s Acre cemetery in the Kruk’s history comes to light. This is a world where what is real and unreal is a matter left decided by the power of imagination.




Angie Needels (artist, sculptor, photographer, concept)
Dave Senecal (artist)
Scott Lambridis (writer, designer, concept)
Chris Seifert (sound designer)
John Allen (engineering)
Stan Malachowski (engineering)
Amanda Lawhon (editor)
Dara Naraghi (concept)
Cyril Helnwein (guest photographer)

“Kinda reminds me of the Brothers Quay. I love it!” - Jimmy Wonser, OH

“I really like the look of the books published by the folks at Omnibucket. Limited edition storybooks for adults, with more than just words on pages. Never dull.” - Ariel, Alien Online

“…a collaboration of several writers and artists dedicated to bringing the graphic novel out of the sweaty geek’s bedroom and onto the living room table. This collection of stories-within-stories told with sculpture-on-sketch art is a tribute to the mysteries of childhood, told in a macabre fashion… It is two stories, illustrated differently…[which] wrap and wind around each other, begging the reader to figure out what is going on in the world of the young protagonists, even as the characters attempt to do the same.” - Josh Reisen, UWeekly

“This is a must-see book for the artwork alone and heck you're getting a good story to go with it…A mighty fine piece of work from Omnibucket and an adult storybook worthy of being a delight to any visitor to your home should they happen to pick it up.” - Damon, FantasyBookSpot


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