06/17/2013 - 11:50pm

Do You Really Want To Know What Happened To My Eye?

by Colleen McKee

Casting Out Spirits (by Dave Senecal)

You do? Well, you asked.

Once upon a time there was a handsome man. He too knew the art of chainsaw juggling, but he could only do it when the chainsaws were unplugged–otherwise, he became entangled in the extension cords. Still, I was impressed; it was so...

06/14/2013 - 12:43am

The Visit

by Cary Tennis

Antarctica 2 (by Dave Senecal)

Whatever wants to be written will be written. Whatever calls out to me will be a song. Whatever crosses the yard at night will be photographed and charted. Whatever crosses the sky will be remembered. Whoever speaks will be heard. Whoever listens will be repaid. Whatever...

06/11/2013 - 11:08pm


by Gabriel Bellman

ARS 2 (by Dave Senecal)

Dear Babette, when I heard that you had lost your bicycle, I was torn up inside. I felt like a pack of wild hyenas laughed and chewed my insides out. I know how much your sweet, sweet feet loved to pedal on that bicycle, and I am sorry to hear that it is gone.


06/10/2013 - 12:56am

Scenes from A Stranger in Barcelona

by Bobby Bell

Orbits of the Lower Order (by Dave Senecal)

At June's Action Fiction!, Omnibucket presented its first experiment in performed screenplays - assigning actors to perform Bobby Bell's script "Scenes from A Stranger in Barcelona."  


06/07/2013 - 2:49pm

The Woodcutter's Wife

by Ben Black

Dulcinea Abbreviata (Dave Senecal)

At this month's Action Fiction! we were proud to have a previously published piece by Ben Black performed:  The Woodcutter's Wife, a new take on classic  fairy tale.  

That's our favorite kind.  


05/29/2013 - 11:10pm

Sharps and Flats

by Serena Cavanaugh

Dantalian Speaks (by Dave Senecal)

The music sheets fluttered about the hard wood floor as she danced on them with her shiny tap shoes, her giggles filling the room like bubbles, distorting reality with pastel reflections of the room and her face.The soft curve of her dimpled cheek and pure pink of her...

05/23/2013 - 12:25am

Where the Laughter Starts

by Benjamin Wachs

I’m 35, and I just got my sense of humor last week.

Everybody thinks they have a sense of humor – I always thought I did – but the truth is that almost nobody knows how to laugh when it really counts.

I’ve been in prison 10 years.

Armed robbery is...

05/17/2013 - 1:41am

Another word for justice

by Benjamin Wachs

There were two guards.  They handled him roughly.  They tossed him into a metal room, and before he could stand up they hauled him to his feet and strapped him down to a cold and uncomfortable chair.  In front of him, sat a dark haired officer in an unusual uniform....

05/15/2013 - 6:18pm

Tango for Beginners

by St. John Campbell

ARS 2 (by Dave Senecal)

She’d seen them as soon as they’d come in.  They sat down, alone, on the little benches and stared out across the wide wooden floor as though it were an ocean at high tide.  It wasn’t just that they were alone, though:  In a room full of dancers, it’s easy to spot the...

05/07/2013 - 12:44am


by Leslie Ingham

Vivian is Taken by the Machine (Dave Senecal)

The mother was dreaming about the closet.

The closet was always there, just around the corner in Bill’s room, a closet with a lock on the outside.

She’d only been put in there three times, but it seemed like fifty because of the dreams.

No louvres....