Action Fiction! Stories Performed inaugural event
Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Literature fans flocked to this inaugural event of a new live performance series, where local actors perform original short fiction by the best local writers – turning literature into performance!

"Great stories with great acting. The actors brought their own style to each performance. The venue was beautiful and cozy and the atmosphere was relaxed. Highly recommended." 
- Deergha Sahni on


Let’s admit it: great writers are not always great performers. Great writing should be as passionate and engaging in public as it is on the page. Readings should feel like war and love happening in front of you, not a museum exhibit. The Omnibucket Performance Academy believes that providing compelling performances of original voices in extraordinary settings will create an aesthetic experience unlike any currently offered in San Francisco.

This inaugural event was held in the beautiful and historical Westerfield House. 

"Incredible venue, humorous fiction and serious acting made for an entertaining night. The stories were as varied as the owners of the Westerfield Mansion: romance, sex, power, humor, religion and the taboo. The quiet, captured audience spilled from the main salon, to the back salon, and into the hall--some experiencing the monologues in auditory, the sole shortcoming of the venue. The antique setting was otherwise apropos for the salon-style event. Being the inaugural evening, the sense of community was slightly apprehensive. Once the first reading got rolling, the audience warmed with each comedic moment, a perfect ice-breaker piece. By the time the last word was spoken, my only thought was, "When is it my turn?" I can see interest in Action Fiction! growing among writers and actors needing to do what they do best: entertain, intrigue and go public. Let's just hope there's more wine next time."
- Angelica from


Featured writers and actors:

  • Ben Black - read by Sam Jackson
  • Benjamin Wachs - read by Megan Rutigliano
  • Beth Hersh - read by Charlotte Speck
  • Carolyn Cooke - read by Gillian Eichenberger
  • Cary Tennis - read by Anthony Villafuete
  • Eric Myers - read by Jimmey Cross (and Eric Myers)
  • Peter Orner - read by Danielle Levin
  • Scott Lambridis - read by Caroline Scippa

presented by The Omnibucket Performance Academy - where readings become performances