Action Fiction! - The Screenplay Edition
Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

We were back at Chez Poulet on Thursday, June 6th, and for the first time, in addition to great fiction read by great actors, a short screenplay was performed! And it was fantastic. We love thinking of ways to surprise and delight you! 

Here's a sample of the word on the street: 

'Last night was my first Action Fiction 'happening' and I am happy to report that it surpassed my expectations. It's the real McCoy. My intention is to be a regular. My hat's off to the organizers." 
- Leo Maselli, San Francisco Writers Community


Unfortunately we weren't able to record this event. Those who attended - consider your experience a precious secret! 

But you can still check out the full list of author and performer bios:



"The Woman Next Door” by Laurie Ann Doyle

> performed by Gillian Eichenberger

Story scheduled for publication in 2014 by Midway Journal. 




"Babette” by Gabriel Leif Bellman

> performed by Jen Terry

Read it here.




"The Shift” by Mary Kalin-Casey

> performed by judy b.

Story coming soon...




Scenes from "A Stranger in Barcelona” by Bobby Bell

> performed by Jimmy Cross, Robert Thomas, and Jim Lynch

Read it here.




"Woodcutter's Wife” by Ben Black

> performed by Caroline Scippa

Read about it here.




"The Visit” by Cary Tennis

> performed by Sara Renauer

Read it here.




"Do you really want to know what happened to my eye?” by Colleen McKee

> performed by Mantra Plonsey

Read it here.