Action Fiction!'s one year anniversary!
Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Action Fiction! one year anniversary at Chez Poulet

Just over a year ago we invited an extraordinary group of writers and actors together to make something magical happen.  The result was five packed shows, in three amazing venues, over 12 months. This time, we celebrated by kicking it up a notch. And it was a smash. 

On Thursday, March 14, Action Fiction! rode again, with a show that felt like thunder and lightning.  Haunting Irish chants, Russian songs of love, synchronized swimming without a pool? Check check check. Also, there was cake. CAKE! Cake, literature, free wine, acting - all curated by the twisted minds behind Omnibucket, Fiction365, and the San Francisco Writer's Community. 

Thanks to all the performers, writers, and an extraordinary audience for making this our most successful Action Fiction! yet. The place was packed, the cake was awesome, and the performances were extraordinary! 

There are six videos for six performances. Sorry, we didn’t video the cake. Our bad. 

Full list of author and performer bios available at:

Special thanks to Orin Zebest for videography! 



"The False Knight Upon the Road” by Benjamin Wachs

> performed by Sara Renauer, Jimmey Cross, and Benjamin Wachs

Story coming soon...





“Owl Tree” by Ian Tuttle

> performed by Gillian Eichenberger and Robert Thomas

Story coming soon...





“The Goldfish’s Memory” by Katrin Arefy

> performed by Jen Terry

Story coming soon...





“Argentina Love” by Zarina Zabrisky

> performed by Meghan Rutigliano and Dana Jakobson

Story coming soon...





“Wrestler” by Shruti Swamy

> performed by Anthony Villafuete

Story coming soon...





“Soloist” by Julia Halprin Jackson

> performed by Gray

Story coming soon...





Author bios and playbill available at